How to Make a Mountain Different

Sometimes you start out drawing mountains, but then you wind up drawing the fog that obstructs the mountain instead.  FullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender_1I picked up a pound of transparent base, so I’m interested to see how layers of transparencies behave.  Previous to this I’ve been relying on burnt plate oil #2 and turpentine washes, and of course some reductive techniques.



First a sketchink sketchThen the 7″x7″ plate dimensions

lineworkThen layers of ink on the plate, going through the press

PressTwo variations of the same design; a color study4th layerNot sure where to take it from here?

More Monotypes



Different process, similar results.  This attempt included a brayer, tarletan, and burnt plate oil.  The reference was a sketch, so I interpreted an interpretation.  The dimensionality of the storm clouds didn’t translate: they have much more architecture.  Next experiment will be multiple layers so I think I can handle the registration, especially with plexi.