Old Project- Our Wedding Invitations

I knew I wanted to do my own wedding invitations, but the time crunch made it impossible to actually hand ink and print each one. So, I did a watercolor illustration and then leaned on the expertise of art and creative director colleagues and they helped me enter the world of digital printing. ‘Bout time.

IMG_7717Since our ceremony and reception was held at a fort I decided I wanted the unique venue to be reflected. So, we did a gate fold invitation that resembled the sally portof the fort. It was an important sally port because that’s the one the bridal party used to enter and then walk down the aisle.




Painting on Upcycled Barn Window

Full Window


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.08.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.09.13 PM Vows and Vienna Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.08.43 PM

I painted each panel of an old barn window to represent the places my friend lived with his fiancee before they married this July. The frame was displayed at their outdoor wedding in a gazebo, so it was important for the paints to remain translucent. I kept the black outlines opaque so it felt a little like stained glass grout.

Photo credit E. Baum and Monika Photography

Backlog: Wedding Ketubah

I do a lot of wedding related art.  I’m not obsessed; it’s just a coincidence.

Anyway, did you know that I do ketubot?  Don’t let the name “Christine” fool you, I know some things about Judaism.  Anyway, I like this tradition as long as it’s not like “as your wife I promise to bear you many babies” type of marriage contract.  I just like the ritual of it, signing a statement of love in front of your family on your wedding day, and then displaying it as art in your home.  It’s just sweet.

Did you also know that I know a little calligraphy?  Yep I got a book out at the library and I’m teaching myself.  So if you don’t mind an enthusiastic shiksa designing your Jewish marriage contract, you should contact me.

Pardon the quality of the photo.  It does show some detail, but I wish I scanned the image.  You also can’t tell, but this monotype is rather large!

Ketubah I designed for a dear friend

Backlog: Wedding Invitations

A friend of mine is planning her wedding, and asked me if I could make her invitations.  I used to work at the most fantastic letterpress shop (PKE) for a short time, and even though I don’t have access to any of the equipment, I learned a thing or two.

I had a hard time with the text.  I wanted it to be printed by hand, but I didn’t want to carve each individual letter.  A savvy artist friend of mine suggested using solar plates…which I will definitely use next time! Brilliant idea.  But this time I printed the text on translucent vellum, adhered it to a floral relief print so the design would show through a little bit.  The RSVPs were a fun challenge, too.  Printing 4″x6″ card stock is NOT easy :P

I sort of just stumbled upon this by chance, but I might like to explore this further.  I figured out some good short cuts, so maybe I’ll do a little couture stationary line on the side.  Anecdotally speaking, EVERYONE I know is getting married.

Backlog Project: Map of Love

Here’s a backlog of some old projects and commissions over the past, what, year?  I’d like to start keeping track of this sort of thing.  That impulse should be natural for a librarian, but I’m not really the organized type.

Wedding Gift: One of my friends from childhood got married, and I think I gave her something terrible like stainless steel pots.  Yawn.  I mean practical, but how boring and impersonal.  So for her 1 year anniversary I illustrated a map of their love (watercolors on Rives BFK).  They met at undergrad and continued to date through a long distance BI-COASTAL RELATIONSHIP.  Their families are both old school, so living together before marriage was a no-no.  They were neighbors in the same city for a few years, even when they were engaged.  Finally, they tied the knot and now happily share a home together.  :) I love how their former addresses tell a story of love; it’s quite inspirational.

Top: Meet/ Middle: Transcontinental/ Bottom: The Knot

Map of Love