Sketches approved: John McKenna Memorial 5k T Shirt


This is the rough draft of this year’s McKenna Memorial 5k T Shirt design.  Due date: this weekend.



Dust Collector

Oh yeah. This blog.

We are in phase two of this library window.  It has safely and successfully been removed from the library as it undergoes construction.  If I can clear enough space for two 5’x 4′ panes of glass, I will be able to finish the “stained glass” mural in the comforts of my own home.  Should I get rid of that treadmill I never use?  My bookshelves?  My mirrored armoire?  I HATE reorganizing my living space.

On a brighter note, it will be nice to paint on my own schedule.  I promise I’ll take pictures as it progresses.

Stage 3 will be to figure out what to do with the finished painting.  I’d like to get it framed around the edges and propped in front of some sort of light fixture.  Anyone ever do a glass installation type thing like that?

Painting birds in my bat cardigan

I finished the middle window pane today at 17 1/2 hours.  As a part timer, that’s my work week.  Tomorrow I’m going to channel my inner house cat and balance at the top of a ladder for a few hours.  I’ve got some hard to reach areas.

I’m still slacking on choosing a color palette, but I went to the Met last weekend and took some reference shots of their stained glass.  I’ll probably just steal those colors. Sadly, book pages are presumed to be white, and there’s no way to paint transparent white.  The best I can do is “frost” or “etch” the glass.  I don’t even know if that’s toxic, but then again how long have I been working with all those printmaking acids and solvents without a problem?  Not a lifetime, but a solid decade.

Maybe I’ve seen too many Disney Movies, or too many episodes of LOST, but I’m thinking of embedding some Easter Eggs in this.