Backlog: Wedding Invitations, Part Deux

More photos:

playing with the transparency of the inks

inking up the plate
placing the paper on the plate
running the plate through the press



Backlog: Wedding Invitations

A friend of mine is planning her wedding, and asked me if I could make her invitations.  I used to work at the most fantastic letterpress shop (PKE) for a short time, and even though I don’t have access to any of the equipment, I learned a thing or two.

I had a hard time with the text.  I wanted it to be printed by hand, but I didn’t want to carve each individual letter.  A savvy artist friend of mine suggested using solar plates…which I will definitely use next time! Brilliant idea.  But this time I printed the text on translucent vellum, adhered it to a floral relief print so the design would show through a little bit.  The RSVPs were a fun challenge, too.  Printing 4″x6″ card stock is NOT easy :P

I sort of just stumbled upon this by chance, but I might like to explore this further.  I figured out some good short cuts, so maybe I’ll do a little couture stationary line on the side.  Anecdotally speaking, EVERYONE I know is getting married.