I can’t draw from my head.  I don’t like to transcribe from 2d.  If I don’t want the design to be totally predictable then I have to do a little set design.

IMG_5206 (1)

One day I’ll learn how to fake the “modeling”, but for now if I want dramatic light or perspective, I pretty much have to create it. This barbola screen was the easy part, but this weekend I’ll be working on making a movable 3d swan armature.


Swan Suite

Swans show up in my visual journal, possibly because of all the English and Irish fairytales my parents read to me as a girl.  Most stories deal with a human to swan transformations. I’m interested in wild animals making their way back to their homes, and reacquainting themselves with a domestic life. I imagine it would be like purgatory, and a bit unsettling to witness animals as sentient as humans.

I’ve thumbnailed these daydreams, and I’m in the process of developing some as illustrations.

tub trickle gold through window thirst swimming submarine storm spiralstair snoozing slice clouds shroud ripples reflection reach overhead negative space neck muybridge monotype mail ink2 ink domestic dollhouse depressed cloud travel centrifigal cameo boat around neck