Beach Sketch

Beach Sketch

Jelly Fish


One Week Challenge

One week down, and fifty one more to go.  I took Jerry Seinfeld’s advice and didn’t break the chain for an entire week.  That’s not really that much but it’s a good enough start.

Here’s a double spread sketch I did this week.  It’s the view from my desk.  I have a nice view of the parking lot, and now I know who the really terrible drivers are.


I have to find a better ballpoint pen.  I can’t wait for my new desk chair to come in.  Adjustable height, no arms, and a footrest!!!  Swoon!!!  I also have a project deadline in the very near future, but I like my concept and I’m excited to get started on it now that I have my baby press set up.


I can still draw things that don’t move, but anything moving faster than erosion or tectonic shifts is challenging.  Children and dogs are my most challenging, and that’s what I need to practice.  Ok friends with babies; I’m coming with my sketchbook!photo

Jones Beach Admin Building; where I purchased my Empire Pass.