2013 T Shirt Design

2013 T Shirt Design

It won’t be published anywhere else but here…

I love these Muybridge photos. I know other artists use them as references for their own drawings, but I want to just get a print and frame it as is.

I think it’d work well as a t shirt design. It’s iconic so it’s recognizable, and appealing because it’s familiar. Minimal text, though maybe the font could be more readable? What Would Salvatore Romano do?


Sneak Peak: This Year’s Design


Here it is; the 2012 design.  As you can see, the run hasn’t even happened yet.  We are experiencing the future!!!  I don’t even think the shirts have been printed yet.

This year I worked especially close with the 5k Planning Committee, and I have to say it was such a positive experience.  They knew exactly what they were looking for, had great feedback and suggestions, and were all around ideal “clients.”

We went for a vibrant color called “Paprika” for the shirt, channeling the color scheme of the Marines Eagle, Globe, and Anchor logo.  Instead of the globe representing the Americas, we chose to represent the race course- Beethoven/ Riverside/ Front/ Main.  Then of course those are our Concept2 oars.

For more information about the race, check out Binghamton Crew’s website: http://binghamtoncrew.org/5k/

6th Annual John McKenna Memorial 5k

I’m an ass; I missed a deadline. But I will get this done today!  I will post my sketches soon!

I’m designing the t shirt for the annual John McKenna Memorial 5k.  Check out the website for more information, and download the registration form: http://binghamtoncrew.org/5k/

Last year Binghamton Crew raised $12,000 which was split between the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and the team.  This year’s run will be held March 24th at Recreation Park on Beethoven Street, Binghamton, NY.   Get your registration forms in by March 15th to ensure you get your free t shirt, designed by yours truly.

If you’re an out of towner, the team has partnered with Binghamton/Vestal Hampton Inn and Suites, located at 3708 Vestal Parkway East in Vestal, New York. Reservations can be made by calling (607) 797-5000.