I can’t draw from my head.  I don’t like to transcribe from 2d.  If I don’t want the design to be totally predictable then I have to do a little set design.

IMG_5206 (1)

One day I’ll learn how to fake the “modeling”, but for now if I want dramatic light or perspective, I pretty much have to create it. This barbola screen was the easy part, but this weekend I’ll be working on making a movable 3d swan armature.


Swan Suite

Swans show up in my visual journal, possibly because of all the English and Irish fairytales my parents read to me as a girl.  Most stories deal with a human to swan transformations. I’m interested in wild animals making their way back to their homes, and reacquainting themselves with a domestic life. I imagine it would be like purgatory, and a bit unsettling to witness animals as sentient as humans.

I’ve thumbnailed these daydreams, and I’m in the process of developing some as illustrations.

tub trickle gold through window thirst swimming submarine storm spiralstair snoozing slice clouds shroud ripples reflection reach overhead negative space neck muybridge monotype mail ink2 ink domestic dollhouse depressed cloud travel centrifigal cameo boat around neck

Painting on Upcycled Barn Window

Full Window


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.08.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.09.13 PM Vows and Vienna Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.08.43 PM

I painted each panel of an old barn window to represent the places my friend lived with his fiancee before they married this July. The frame was displayed at their outdoor wedding in a gazebo, so it was important for the paints to remain translucent. I kept the black outlines opaque so it felt a little like stained glass grout.

Photo credit E. Baum and Monika Photography

Third Grade Poetry



I finally cleaned and organized my “art studio”.  I threw out a lot of shit, because I love to throw out shit, which is what made me know for certain that I could never be an archivist.  However there is a nostalgic streak that runs through my body, and I did hold on to a lovely poem I wrote when I was 8 years old.  It’s about swans, which makes sense because I’ve been collecting photo clippings of swans for all these years.  Above is a monotype I made recently based on some of those images I’d been saving.  At least I’m consistent.  So in celebration of throwing out most things,  but holding on to some, I’d like to share my poem with you.  I’ve written it in italics for this special occasion:

Out of the sky from nowhere to be seen

a swan was going to a stream.

Laying her eggs in such a quiet way

there she was by the hay.

In the sparkling water

on this damp warm night

I see a fish by the warmth and the light.

I see it often and I see it well

now I know where they dwell. 

Thank you, everyone.

2013 T Shirt Design

2013 T Shirt Design

It won’t be published anywhere else but here…

I love these Muybridge photos. I know other artists use them as references for their own drawings, but I want to just get a print and frame it as is.

I think it’d work well as a t shirt design. It’s iconic so it’s recognizable, and appealing because it’s familiar. Minimal text, though maybe the font could be more readable? What Would Salvatore Romano do?

I’m Almost Done Carving

They’re later than usual, but it’s still the holiday season!

The design is strange for me.  Usually I do more decorative than illustrative.  I’m sticking with the the Correspondence Card format (larger, non folded), but this time I’m hoping translucent vellum holds the ink just as well as the traditional Rives BFK.  Also- laser cut edges vs. my usual torn edges- I better not get any paper cuts!

I hope the black envelopes read “Gorey” and not too gothic.  As much as I enjoy his twisted sense of humor, it wasn’t exactly the tone I was going for.  I’m going for “love and joy”, and heartwarming winter rituals of the secular variety.

And remember- if you feed birds this year, next year that flock might change its migratory route to include your house as a pit stop.  *The More You Know


Sneak Peak: This Year’s Design


Here it is; the 2012 design.  As you can see, the run hasn’t even happened yet.  We are experiencing the future!!!  I don’t even think the shirts have been printed yet.

This year I worked especially close with the 5k Planning Committee, and I have to say it was such a positive experience.  They knew exactly what they were looking for, had great feedback and suggestions, and were all around ideal “clients.”

We went for a vibrant color called “Paprika” for the shirt, channeling the color scheme of the Marines Eagle, Globe, and Anchor logo.  Instead of the globe representing the Americas, we chose to represent the race course- Beethoven/ Riverside/ Front/ Main.  Then of course those are our Concept2 oars.

For more information about the race, check out Binghamton Crew’s website: http://binghamtoncrew.org/5k/