First a sketchink sketchThen the 7″x7″ plate dimensions

lineworkThen layers of ink on the plate, going through the press

PressTwo variations of the same design; a color study4th layerNot sure where to take it from here?


Enhanced Ghost Print


I’ve never really attempted this style or method before.
1) Sketch on site with a bic pen. Took some photo references.
2) Create monotype using sketch as guide (using a plexiglass matrix)
3) Pull prints, including the residue ghost print
4) Redraw image using sketches and references, again using a bic pen.
The thing with redrawing is that sometimes whatever spontaneity you got from the sketch or monotype gets lost. I think that happened here because this feels a little stiff, but, I think the faces are more accurate. I made a GOOD monotype once as a gift for a friend, but his nose was too big. It ruined the other 3.5 square footage of drawing.


First Monotype


This is a gift; a monotype from a sketch drawn on site.  The plate is 12″x18″- and the press I’m working on can handle an even larger plate than that.  Might as well go big, and hope that the recipients of said gift can find the wall space for said monotype.


Backlog: Wedding Ketubah

I do a lot of wedding related art.  I’m not obsessed; it’s just a coincidence.

Anyway, did you know that I do ketubot?  Don’t let the name “Christine” fool you, I know some things about Judaism.  Anyway, I like this tradition as long as it’s not like “as your wife I promise to bear you many babies” type of marriage contract.  I just like the ritual of it, signing a statement of love in front of your family on your wedding day, and then displaying it as art in your home.  It’s just sweet.

Did you also know that I know a little calligraphy?  Yep I got a book out at the library and I’m teaching myself.  So if you don’t mind an enthusiastic shiksa designing your Jewish marriage contract, you should contact me.

Pardon the quality of the photo.  It does show some detail, but I wish I scanned the image.  You also can’t tell, but this monotype is rather large!

Ketubah I designed for a dear friend

Backlog Project: Map of Love

Here’s a backlog of some old projects and commissions over the past, what, year?  I’d like to start keeping track of this sort of thing.  That impulse should be natural for a librarian, but I’m not really the organized type.

Wedding Gift: One of my friends from childhood got married, and I think I gave her something terrible like stainless steel pots.  Yawn.  I mean practical, but how boring and impersonal.  So for her 1 year anniversary I illustrated a map of their love (watercolors on Rives BFK).  They met at undergrad and continued to date through a long distance BI-COASTAL RELATIONSHIP.  Their families are both old school, so living together before marriage was a no-no.  They were neighbors in the same city for a few years, even when they were engaged.  Finally, they tied the knot and now happily share a home together.  :) I love how their former addresses tell a story of love; it’s quite inspirational.

Top: Meet/ Middle: Transcontinental/ Bottom: The Knot

Map of Love