Latest Sketches

decorative 1 decorative 2 decorative flowers pods pods life cycle stem study stem surface 1 stem surface water stems

I’ve been imagining a simplified design of lotus and lily pads. The ultimate goal is to create a feminine, timeless, and classic illustration- which is tough because it’s a popular subject matter and I’m trying to create something distinct. I’ll be focusing on the stalks instead of the flower petals, and I need to find a technique that translates well into a tattoo.


Backlog: Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink/ kitchen backsplash, same difference.

Yep, there was a time there I was going to be an outsourced consultant for No-Name-Kitchens-and- Constructions for their tiled backsplashes.  They would do all the construction and installation, and I’d paint that Tuscan landscape on the tiles.  I was beefing up my portfolio for a display in their showroom, and then I don’t know what happened.  I went to deliver everything and they said something like “Oh nevermind.  But if you want to keep trying, you can come back in 6 months and maybe we’ll have something for you.”

I’m so glad that chapter in my life is over.  Get it? (I’m a librarian.)  And now with this great career I’m always stimulated and I’m never really stressed out AND I can choose to make what I want to make.

In honor of new beginnings,  I’m going to flashback to this oddball time of my life.  I was also babysitting,  coaching HS crew, and working for another artist.  I basically just found ways to get paid for doing my interests and hobbies :)




Painting birds in my bat cardigan

I finished the middle window pane today at 17 1/2 hours.  As a part timer, that’s my work week.  Tomorrow I’m going to channel my inner house cat and balance at the top of a ladder for a few hours.  I’ve got some hard to reach areas.

I’m still slacking on choosing a color palette, but I went to the Met last weekend and took some reference shots of their stained glass.  I’ll probably just steal those colors. Sadly, book pages are presumed to be white, and there’s no way to paint transparent white.  The best I can do is “frost” or “etch” the glass.  I don’t even know if that’s toxic, but then again how long have I been working with all those printmaking acids and solvents without a problem?  Not a lifetime, but a solid decade.

Maybe I’ve seen too many Disney Movies, or too many episodes of LOST, but I’m thinking of embedding some Easter Eggs in this.