One Week Challenge

One week down, and fifty one more to go.  I took Jerry Seinfeld’s advice and didn’t break the chain for an entire week.  That’s not really that much but it’s a good enough start.

Here’s a double spread sketch I did this week.  It’s the view from my desk.  I have a nice view of the parking lot, and now I know who the really terrible drivers are.


I have to find a better ballpoint pen.  I can’t wait for my new desk chair to come in.  Adjustable height, no arms, and a footrest!!!  Swoon!!!  I also have a project deadline in the very near future, but I like my concept and I’m excited to get started on it now that I have my baby press set up.



“At thirty I finally admitted that I couldn’t draw, so I took a year off just to learn how to draw. But I understood why I was learning at that point. So I drew my room, I drew whatever. I just drew, and in a year I could draw. I still don’t draw great, but I could draw a lot better than I could the year before.” -Marshall Arisman

I was inspired by the entire interview,, so I’m going to take his advice.  I’m going to fill up sketchbooks this year.  I’m thinking about my List of Knowledge, too.

Dust Collector

Oh yeah. This blog.

We are in phase two of this library window.  It has safely and successfully been removed from the library as it undergoes construction.  If I can clear enough space for two 5’x 4′ panes of glass, I will be able to finish the “stained glass” mural in the comforts of my own home.  Should I get rid of that treadmill I never use?  My bookshelves?  My mirrored armoire?  I HATE reorganizing my living space.

On a brighter note, it will be nice to paint on my own schedule.  I promise I’ll take pictures as it progresses.

Stage 3 will be to figure out what to do with the finished painting.  I’d like to get it framed around the edges and propped in front of some sort of light fixture.  Anyone ever do a glass installation type thing like that?