Old Project- Our Wedding Invitations

I knew I wanted to do my own wedding invitations, but the time crunch made it impossible to actually hand ink and print each one. So, I did a watercolor illustration and then leaned on the expertise of art and creative director colleagues and they helped me enter the world of digital printing. ‘Bout time.

IMG_7717Since our ceremony and reception was held at a fort I decided I wanted the unique venue to be reflected. So, we did a gate fold invitation that resembled the sally portof the fort. It was an important sally port because that’s the one the bridal party used to enter and then walk down the aisle.




Iris #2

iris2Iris 2This one has more layers and I got fancier with the wiping.  There are more textures, but I want to focus on a spontaneous feel.  Eric suggested a new subject matter and I agree.

Painting on Upcycled Barn Window

Full Window


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.08.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.09.13 PM Vows and Vienna Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.08.43 PM

I painted each panel of an old barn window to represent the places my friend lived with his fiancee before they married this July. The frame was displayed at their outdoor wedding in a gazebo, so it was important for the paints to remain translucent. I kept the black outlines opaque so it felt a little like stained glass grout.

Photo credit E. Baum and Monika Photography

The Storm

Eye of the storm



I’m working on a new series exploring the imagery within Hans Christian Andersen tales.  Seems like lots of his protagonists, on the verge of overcoming the odds, are suddenly confronted with a storm which stands to thwart everything.  Having grown up near the shore, I always envision storms approaching over the ocean.

Enhanced Ghost Print


I’ve never really attempted this style or method before.
1) Sketch on site with a bic pen. Took some photo references.
2) Create monotype using sketch as guide (using a plexiglass matrix)
3) Pull prints, including the residue ghost print
4) Redraw image using sketches and references, again using a bic pen.
The thing with redrawing is that sometimes whatever spontaneity you got from the sketch or monotype gets lost. I think that happened here because this feels a little stiff, but, I think the faces are more accurate. I made a GOOD monotype once as a gift for a friend, but his nose was too big. It ruined the other 3.5 square footage of drawing.



You know those girls who were recruited at the mall and told they should model/work for Abercrombie?  Well whatever.  I had my own validating moment today.

Laini Taylor saw and liked and reposted my video book trailer of her book.

That’s like meeting John Stamos on a plane and having him tell you that you’re pretty! Have mercy!


This is what I’m referring to: http://youtu.be/iYfmqKWNcQU