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decorative 1 decorative 2 decorative flowers pods pods life cycle stem study stem surface 1 stem surface water stems

I’ve been imagining a simplified design of lotus and lily pads. The ultimate goal is to create a feminine, timeless, and classic illustration- which is tough because it’s a popular subject matter and I’m trying to create something distinct. I’ll be focusing on the stalks instead of the flower petals, and I need to find a technique that translates well into a tattoo.


Location Classes, Summer of 2015. (Who’s coming with me?)

I used to participate in 2 very active artist communities; one in Manhattan and one on Long Island. We created exhibiting opportunities, group critiques, professional support, studio access, and of course drawing and printmaking instruction.  Locations Classes stick out in my mind as being most helpful in my art career, probably because it was tough and taught me discipline and all that. The great thing was after a little while it just became habit, and not something I had to consciously carve time for. It was a given that I would wake up early on Sunday, fill my gas tank, and carpool with other artists to our chosen destination. This routine lasted half a decade.

I resurrected this practice and hitched a ride to the botanical garden this Sunday. A fortunate beginning- the first sketch of the summer was encouraging, and I have lots of reference for a series I’m working on.

Watercolor, pen, and ink
Watercolor, pen, and ink

I spent my time at the aquatic garden to get a better sense of the lotus plant. I saw lots of tadpoles, frogs, dragonflies, goldfish, and ducks. Some curious garden visitors stopped to see what I was up to. One asked if I was an artist, so I said yes. (I mean yeah, why not?) Otherwise it was just me by myself. I don’t mind working alone, but there’s going to be a Sunday where I don’t FEEL like drawing, and no one is going to give me shit for skipping.

So, I’m going to pick some sites and put them on my calendar. I’m going to coordinate the logistics beforehand so when Saturday night rolls around, I’ll have my bag packed and ready to go. I’ll keep y’all posted, especially if you’ve realized you have the same hole in your life. And oh yeah, beginners are encouraged.

A Moving Figure

It’s supposed to be ok. A model who doesn’t stay still, and a model who doesn’t announce how long she will stay in a single pose. It should all be a delightful mystery.  My constructive criticism would then be: 1) Show up on time 2) Pose to show off your hands and feet. 3) No need to smile in every pose. This isn’t a Sears catalogue.

Still good practice, and still a great community. Hair Full

Piedmont Park

Cyclist at Piedmont Park
Folks at Piedmont Park

Our whole family went to the park. Lucy tried to eat bumblebees, husband called friends, Lou tanned, and I spied on people to draw.  I almost drew the frat boys on the hammocks, but I knew that would result in some sort of conversation I wasn’t really prepared to have.  Next time!

Oakland Cemetery

My sister and I packed a picnic and found a sunny patch to eat/ read/ draw. Since we were visiting historic Oakland Cemetery I figured I should use sepia ink, because sepia is a historical color.


I’m named after my dad Christopher, so I chose the Christiphine tombstone to draw. Perspective is probably something I should no longer fudge.

Drawing the Blues

“Braille Blues Daddy Bryan Lee” came to our neck of the woods this weekend, and would you believe that we got such great seats? Intimate venue hosted by the Atlanta Blues Society, where everyone knew everyone else. It was incredible.

The band performed three amazing sets and because our seats were front and center, they could see me drawing them and would come and visit for progress.  So, I got everyone’s autograph at the end.

Bryan Lee and the Atlanta Blues Society
Bryan Lee and the Atlanta Blues Society

More location drawings this spring and summer I think.

Old Project- Our Wedding Invitations

I knew I wanted to do my own wedding invitations, but the time crunch made it impossible to actually hand ink and print each one. So, I did a watercolor illustration and then leaned on the expertise of art and creative director colleagues and they helped me enter the world of digital printing. ‘Bout time.

IMG_7717Since our ceremony and reception was held at a fort I decided I wanted the unique venue to be reflected. So, we did a gate fold invitation that resembled the sally portof the fort. It was an important sally port because that’s the one the bridal party used to enter and then walk down the aisle.