Backlog Project: Map of Love

Here’s a backlog of some old projects and commissions over the past, what, year?  I’d like to start keeping track of this sort of thing.  That impulse should be natural for a librarian, but I’m not really the organized type.

Wedding Gift: One of my friends from childhood got married, and I think I gave her something terrible like stainless steel pots.  Yawn.  I mean practical, but how boring and impersonal.  So for her 1 year anniversary I illustrated a map of their love (watercolors on Rives BFK).  They met at undergrad and continued to date through a long distance BI-COASTAL RELATIONSHIP.  Their families are both old school, so living together before marriage was a no-no.  They were neighbors in the same city for a few years, even when they were engaged.  Finally, they tied the knot and now happily share a home together.  :) I love how their former addresses tell a story of love; it’s quite inspirational.

Top: Meet/ Middle: Transcontinental/ Bottom: The Knot

Map of Love

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