Backlog: Holiday Cards

Every year I like to put my print skillz to good use and make my own holiday cards.  I’ve found it’s a really nice way to stay in touch with friends, especially those who have moved.  (I’m looking at you, Charlie!)  It started small and pretty simple.  First year was a choir boy, second was a “coral wreath” har har, then crumpled up wrapping paper as “origami”.  The gardenia design for 2009 was more for my mom than the holidays.  2010 was impossible, and then this year I did something a little metaphysical in honor of finally understanding what that term meant. Anyway, it’s an image of my hand writing a holiday card…ON THE CARD.  See? It’s intense.

I like the project more with every passing year.  I have fun sketching out ideas and then choosing the size, paper, inks, and envelopes.  I’m getting more comfortable with carving, so I’ve been having more fun with elaborate designs now- I can even handle text now.  Maybe one day I’ll experiment with rainbow rolls or multiple plates…but I have too many friends!! Ha, yep, I have too many friends.  :D

I do have to edit out some names, though.  I don’t really like it; I always feel guilty.  But if you haven’t talked to me in the year I feel  justified in not spending the stamp on you.  I’m old fashioned so I really dig snail mail and post office and real paper.  I don’t see this project going digital, but if it does, it’s free to email.  Then hell, I’ll send these cards to my exes AND their moms!  JK, I already do.

Oh, public service announcement: I got a lot of returns this year on my cards!  Maybe you think I didn’t send you one, but I did and it got sent back to me.  No big deal, but let me know when you move.



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