So I’ve stopped counting my hours spent on this project.  This wasn’t intentional, I just forgot.  The linework (my favorite part) is complete and now I’m adding color.  Ok, ok…so I just drew in 2 extra birds the other day, but the sky was looking a little sparse so I had to.  I won’t keep taking steps backwards, I swear!

I’m really pleased with the way the acrylic paints are thinning out with the Polymer Medium (Gloss) from Golden.  Most colors stay vibrant, yet translucent, so I probably will be able to pull off the stained glass effect that I was going for.  The yellow looks a little chalky, so I’ve cut it out of color scheme.

P.S. I’m done with this semester.  Just one summer class, then 2 classes in the fall, and then I’m a certified Master.


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