“So you’re the one defacing library property”

I feel like my old self again.  I’m so incredibly happy to be drawing and painting again that I don’t even care if I’m rusty.   I’ve got some old tricks and technical skills that help out the quality of the image, but my linework is not where it used to be.   Well, neither is my 2k time…

8 hours on the glass total, and I hit my stride. The paint is best fresh out of the tube, so it’s best to pour only a drop at a time.   Once it dries I can’t reconstitute it with water and expect it to be opaque.  I get really thin elegant lines with an old retired Kolinksy watercolor brush (and  a wet napkin nearby for shaping the tip).  I sort of need a task master to slap my hand when I go back into old birds to paint minute details, but all my hard ass friends gave up being hard asses as their New Years Resolutions.

I’m having a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying the interruptions and comments. There were some good ones, like “Lookin’ good in the neighborhood!” really stands out in my mind.  Some library staff were worried that this has been up for a long time but they’ve never noticed it before.  Those are obviously the goody goodies who bypass the staff lounge in favor of working through their breaks.  :)

I hope onlookers are enjoying the progress/ process.  I’ll take photos tomorrow and post them promptly.


2 thoughts on ““So you’re the one defacing library property”

  1. I love this new project you’ve taken on, both the painting and the chronicling of it. You have a very enjoyable writing style, and the window is looking great!

    Good luck with the rest of it, pictures please!

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