My Superbowl Sunday…

…was spent at the library!  Some colleagues didn’t recognize me in my typical streetwear at first, but apparently I still look like a librarian because patrons still asked for my assistance.   So despite some distractions I accomplished everything I wanted for today!  And to think I was kinda nervous!  Thank you Mom, for pulling some strings and sending me absolutely perfect weather.  I was, in fact, able to trace and paint with the windows open without getting too cold.  Big shout out to Chris for doing most of the high altitude stuff on the ladder and for holding it when I was perched on top.

I’m very happy with the Golden brand “Fluid Acrylic Series” Carbon Black paint.  It has excellent coverage on the glass, no beading, and only a little streaking.  I’m sure 2 coats will do the trick.  I’m tempted to mix it with some sort of transparent base or glaze to use it for the transparent part of the “stained glass” but I’ll have to experiment a bit first.  If not, Michaels has the glass paints I need, even though I hate that store.  Maybe I’ll drive the 1/2 hour to Riebe’s…

I’m so glad all the set up stuff is already done, and now I’m up to the good part: the actual painting.  I could probably paint contour lines all day (Steve knows what I’m talkin’ about), which unfortunately I can’t afford to do because I now have homework.  Buzzkill.

So here’s your sneak peak of what got on the glass today.  Pictures below include: my artillery of paint brushes, the sketch taped to the outside of the window ready to be traced with litho pencil, close up of the tracing, and then the first painted bird of the mural!

Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger image:


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