Take it to the glass

Ok- the sketch was approved!  I begin painting this Sunday, February 6th!  The library’s open from 1-5, so I’ve got 4 hours to lay down the ground work.  Whatever I’m able to accomplish is what’s going to be the first impression of this window mural, so I’m aware that the pressure is high now but it will subside.   As long as I don’t take FOR-EV-ER, it should be fine.

I’m concerned that the window won’t open, which would mean I can’t reach some parts.  Also, I’m concerned that the windows will have to stay open for me to be able to reach, which means I will actually freeze.  (I can’t even go to bed without turning on my electric blanket every night.  I call Bikram yoga “yoga” because I forget it’s hot.)  I hope I got all the measurements right, and that my design “fits”.   I have a couple other concerns, but it’s mostly just first day jitters.  Before I was a librarian trainee, before I was a grad student, I was a full time artist.  I’m not saying I was good enough to support myself on it (yet), but I am a pretty creative problem solver.  So pair my improv skills to my new ability to sing nursery rhymes in front of people, and witness a pretty sweet skill set.

Pack: masking tape/ stool/ warm wear/ camera/ sunglasses/ litho crayon or china marker/ extension cord and heat lamp/ graphite paper/ new podcasts


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